Sunday, 1 August 2010

16 weeks a year

My new job will see me working in these places 16 weeks a year.  Could be worse.

singpore map  singapore

malaysia1 map  malaysia


Thailand_map thailand1

vietnam map vietnam

hong kong map 10-hong_kong

mongolia map mongolia

china map china

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Monday, 30 November 2009

In the Loop

It took me a while to understand what they were saying. I laughed hard when I got it.

In the Loop: you just took a shit with your clothes on.

Music and mobile phones

Whole essays could be written about people playing music off their mobile phones in public (and I imagine the Daily Mail and the Diana Express have both spanked plenty of cash on this type of story), but the fundamental issue is the fact that it’s so annoying not because you are forced to listen to music against your will, but because the sound quality of modern phones is so completely unacceptable.  If I had a mobile phone that produced such tinny and abrasive noise, not only would it remain in a perpetual state of silence, I’d be far too ashamed to want to play music out of it, even in my room, let alone on a bus full of people who would scowl at me and take pity on me for having such a piece of shit phone.  No, the problem isn’t the fact you don’t want to listen to music.  That happens everywhere.  Hollister, as well as using pretty much every other commercial gimmick in the book, positively blasts the shit out.  I went past a branch of the Principality today which was pumping out something that could have been classified as dance or something.  The Principality isn’t a high street shop aimed at wannabe-hip teens, it’s a Welsh building society geared towards offering either an extremely low interest rate if you want to entrust them with your hard-earned cash, or an extortionate rate should you wish to ask for a hand buying a house.  Having music – good or otherwise – thrust into your earholes when you’re out and about is not something new, not something necessarily unpleasant (although I’d think twice about visiting the Principality today), and definitely not something to whinge about.  What should be held up for inspection, however, is how the fuck these phones get produced, get through testing, get bought by customers of their own volition and how the owners drum up the courage to force some naff tune out of their tiny little speakers.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Cool photo

Just found this very weird and wonky photo, taken in Sardinia out of the car.


The last two weeks

Have been filled with thrills and spills.

We said goodbye to these two


Clarke and I flew

013  007 008006 009 010 011 012

Clarke looked for hats to suit the inhospitable Irish weather


We had afternoon tea a few times



I had the most excellent hot chocolate of all time


Overall, Dublin was a rip off


At home, I found an excellent new drink


Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Holiday snaps

Much overdue.  Taken in Sant’Anna Arresi and Porto Pino, Sardinia.


Weird flowers



One of three, India maybe?



Sant’Anna Arresi from the house




View from the garden


Porto Pino



The beach car park flooded